8 Reasons to Buy Local

Locally grown food tastes better!

Nothing tastes better than fresh, flavorful strawberries! Purchasing local produce insures it’s at its freshest. Studies show the average distance some food travels from farm to fork is as much as 1,500 miles, but that doesn't happen here. At Whittaker's you're getting the best quality because we grow our strawberries right here for you!

Local Food puts flavor first!

Strawberries are meant to be sweet and delicious, they are not meant to be as big as an apple with no taste. When foreign strawberry growers pick their strawberry varieties they look at size, ship-ability, color, smell, and taste (often in that order). When we pick our strawberry varieties we only care about one thing, taste! Anyone can grow a strawberry but few can grow one as delicious as a local Whittaker's strawberry. Local producers don't have to worry about produce sitting on a truck for up to a week, which means we put priority on what matters most to you, the consumer.

Local food supports FAMILY farms.

With fewer than one million Americans now claiming farming as their primary occupation, farmers are a vanishing breed. And no wonder - commodity prices are at historic lows, often below the cost of production. Local farmers who sell direct to consumers cut out the middleman and get full retail price for their food - which means farm families can afford to stay on the farm, doing the work they love.

Local food supports a clean environment

Local farmers have a special appreciation for the environment because of the relationship they have with nature and the living they make by working the land. Well-managed farms like those in our community have their own individual practices in place to protect and preserve the environment. On our farm we use a crop rotation program, and work closely with the MSU extension in the running of our farm. These are just a couple of the countless practices that local farms have in place to preserve the local environment.

We are committed to growing and selling only NON-GMO (genetically modified) strawberries for the health and safety of our family and yours.

Local produce is better for you!

Science has shown that while fresh produce is great, it can lose nutrients fast. Purchasing food that's grown closer to home can limit the loss when you buy it fresh. It’s sad but some canned or frozen foods are more nutritious than ‘fresh’ produce because all the good stuff didn’t get lost off the truck or shelf. Be conscious of this when you’re buying for your family.

Local food is naturally good

There are lots of news stories about the latest genetically modified fruits and vegetables and it has people concerned. At Whittaker's, we do not grow these types of produce for you! Strawberries are sweet, delicious and nutritious just as they are, no need to mess with something so perfect. Please know that we grow only the best tasting traditionally bred varieties for our berry fans.

Local food builds community

There is something to be said for meeting the people who are putting food on your table. We have a strong history of family farming, and are very proud of the trust our community puts in us when they enjoy our strawberries. Coming to visit our farm puts consumers in touch with the food process and gives you the opportunity to share agriculture, and nature, with your children or grandchildren.

Local food for our future

There once was a time when more people lived on farms than in cities. While this is a distant memory, you can help keep families like ours on the farm where we want to be.

Supporting local farms ensures those families can continue to supply you with healthy, delicious food for the future.